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Not That Good

Last week, I had a priceless lesson. I thank God for my wife for calling it out and for the Holy Spirit convicting me for my pride. You see, I hate to admit it – one of my biggest battle in life is my pride. I think PRIDE is Dennis Sy’s default. And last week, PRIDE acted up.

I made a negative remark regarding the fathering ability of a person that I do not know and tried connecting it to how his kids grew up. Now there might be a tinge of truth in it but the way I said it, the way I felt when I said it was something that I don’t ever want to happen.

I thank God for a wife who calls out the pride she sees in me. I knew she got hurt by my remark though it wasn’t against her. You see, as a man who trains other men and inspire other fathers – there is sometimes that tendency ( okay most of the time) the tendency to take pride in what you do.

So going back to the remark I made – when it came out of my mouth, I knew something was wrong. I had to reflect and ask myself – where did that prideful thought come from? I had to repent and be disturbed by the Holy Spirit for thinking that good fathering skills would produce 100% God fearing obedient kids.

Being a good father can produce good kids but there are no guarantees. Being a bad father can also produce bad kids and good kids. There is actually no formula when it comes to fathering and parenting. Those who think they have found the human solution to parental problems are up for a disappointment.

I had to be reminded that apart from God’s grace – I as a father can only do much. In fact, I could apply all the practical tips on good fathering that I’ve read in books and still produce a rebellious child. In fact, as I review all the mistakes I have made as a dad, I am glad my daughters are still alive. There is always that God-factor, the grace of God- factor in what we do as parents.

I had to blog this to remind myself: I’m not as good as I think I am. Only by God’s grace.