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Some Life-Leadership Lessons I Learned from Steve Murrell

Last Tuesday I was blessed to be in a meeting with the president of Every Nation Ministries and best selling author of two books 100 Years From Now: Sustaining a Movement for Generations which I am currently reading and WikiChurch: Making Discipleship Engaging, Empowering, and Viral which I discussed with some men in church.

100-Years-from-Now-Cover-Cropped-FBHere are some leadership gems I learned from him:

1. Technology can be a tool or a distraction. This is so true whether in meetings where people are not engaged in the conversation or in the dining table with your family – tech could be a tool to enhance communication or a distraction to communication. We have a choice to make when it comes to our technology. So starting this week, all my meetings will be tech free ( same goes in our dining, dating and driving)

2. You need to show up at work if you want to create a culture. Leaders are responsible to create culture in the workplace. There is no way you can create a culture if you are not seen in your office. Be responsible as a leader and show up to work. Work that matters requires your presence. And please show up to work on time and make sure once work is done, you don’t bring work home.

3. Aim for excellence, not extravagance. There is a thin line between excellence and extravagance for some people. Again this applies to all. Dating your wife need not be extravagant, but well planned. Well planned dates are cost effective. In leadership the same principle applies. You don’t need extravagant to get the message across. Have the value of excellence – which means keep things clean, make sure the systems and structure works, and have a healthy working environment.