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Know Your Talents

One of the biggest books that changed the way I think about myself (and others) was the book: Strengths Based Leadership. Here is my blog post back when I first read that book: click HERE.

talentinside [source:brandcrowd]I think more than the content of the book (which provided background of the strengths-based research), it’s the assessment that attracted me the most. The book comes with a free access to a 30-minute long, online personality assessment tool. It’s called the Strengths Finder 2.0 Assessment (i.e. Clifton Strengths Finder, Gallup Strengths Finder).

Which actually measures your talent. (the term “strengths finder” is just used for marketing purposes I think).

What is talent anyway? Defined by Merriam-Webster as: a special ability that allows someone to do something well.Psychologists (i.e. Galton; Watsonian behaviorism, etc) have debated talent (personality) for the longest time if it’s NATURE (something genetic, innate) or NURTURE (something you acquire as you grow). But I am more inclined to believe in their synthesis (J. Harris), where a big part of it is nature and a little less than half is what happens to you as you grow- but this does not entail ordinary (not even routine) happenings. It entails some big emotional changes (death, trauma, etc).

I guess you can’t touch on the subject of talent without getting into a little psychology, but since this is not a psychology blog, and I’m not a psychologist, I’d rather leave it as it is right now.

My point is that, talent is something inside of you. Your “personality” if you may, or at least part of it. Therefore, one of the key things to discovering your strengths is FIRST DISCOVERING YOUR TALENTS. It acts like a compass to who you are. It shows you how you’ve always seen things in your own unique perspective.

If you know your talents, it would be way easier for you to discover what your strengths are!

PS: I have made a coaching module that aims to help people discover their strengths- but part of that module is to encourage them to take talent-assessments like the Strengths Finder. If you are interested about this, let me know by contacting me.