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Three Ways you Can Enjoy your Current Job

These are my thoughts after reading an article that listed down signs that you are in your dream job. It’s a great article and it reminds people to appreciate what they have- personally I am happy that I can actually check most if not all of the things that article listed. But frankly, my thought goes out to the people who might not be blessed to have a “dream” job. One that may cater to all the extrinsic benefits that the article pointed out. My thoughts go out to the people who might have a hard time with their bosses or colleagues; those who should file their leaves a year in advance (I’m not kidding!); those who work and still cannot afford the “nice” things they want…

work_partyI’m writing this article to encourage you, that if you are that person who always stay silent in high school reunions when everyone else talks about their work, there is still some hope for you to find your right job fit, and that, there are still ways to enjoy your current job- regardless of external rewards or circumstances.

If you are that person, I just need your cooperation here. I need you to focus on things that are intrinsic.

From observation, the reason why people are constantly on the lookout for their “dream job” is satisfaction. Extrinsic factors play some role with satisfaction… however, I think that, real, and long-lasting satisfaction must be a product of a combination of intrinsic motivators, character and a plan. So here are some ways you can enjoy your current work:

1. Stop looking for things that you work is NOT giving you.

Instead focus on the things that you DO have. You have WORK- that’s a good start. Have you check the current unemployment rate lately? If you start looking at the good things and practice appreciation and gratitude even on small things your perspective about your work can (and will) change.

2. Don’t quit at the first ounce of pressure.

Every kind of work in this world has, and will apply pressure on you in one way or another. Instead of steering backing down, check, rather, how the pressures at work can grow you more as a person. Rubber bands aren’t useful when they aren’t being stretched. So are people. The reason this is on the list, is that, normally pressure comes before breakthroughs. This is often true at work and even in life in general. So, know your pressure limits and learn to rest, but never quit just because of it.

3. Have a vision.

Yes have a plan- not only long term plans of how your dream business would look like- but have a plan right now where you are. Look for opportunities in your current job that can help you. If you see your job as a stepping stone and not a wall that hinders you from getting your long term goals done, then you will learn to enjoy it.

All in all, these three are just some of the may ways you can enjoy your current job. My goal is that we may not look for job satisfaction only in external factors but learn to find ways to maximize our current roles right now.