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Want to Change the World?

Want to change the world? he helpful. @rackspace


This has been the guiding principle I have when it comes to changing the world. First, I have to understand, that I am not the savior of the world. Secondly, I know that I can contribute in my own little way. World changers are known not by their mighty acts but in their small acts of heroism and kindness.

A good example I could think of is Randell Tiongson. He is a known finance consultant. He can opt to just make money out of his expertise but instead shares his thoughts and expertise through his blogs and talks. He is now an advocate for financial literacy in the Philippines and abroad. Because of this he has helped thousands of Filipinos with the small act of kindness in helping spread financial literacy. In his latest investment conference, 1000 people came to know more of Randell’s expertise.

When we go out and change the world in our own little  way by offering help (free help), we actually start to add more value to the people around us and as we add value to others, our value also increases.

randell tiongson