Why I Can’t Move On

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Why I Can’t Move On

Pastor, I just want to ask, why do I still feel lonely and like i have not moved on yet from my past relationship that ended a year ago? I tried to move on; entertain new suitors, get busy at my master’s degree and at work. But no matter how hard I try, I still feel sad. Pastor, It has been a year. A YEAR. And i guess that is enough for me to move on already, but why it’s the other way around. There’s no communication between the two of us which actually should be helpful for me to move on. But not. I really tried to move on, i really did. But everytime I remember him, it still hurts me . ¬†-KC


Thanks KC for your question. Based on your question, I feel that you have done everything possible physically to move on from the relationship but in your heart you have not moved on. It seems that you are still nursing the pain and reliving the past in your heart and your mind.
I think how you feel is normal but as what they said, we have to move on or you will be stuck while the other party has continued on with his life. I suggest you first have a heart check and accept if you have moved on or not. That is always the first thing to do – admit that you still are hurt or that you still love him.

Secondly, have a heart to heart conversation with the Lord. It is when we ask God to fill us with His presence and love that past hurts and pain subsides. I can’t promise it will be fully healed, but we learn from our past and we hold on to God who holds our future.

Thirdly, fill the void not with artificial solutions like entertaining others, getting busy at work because at the end of the day it goes deeper than that. It is a heart thing and so you have to go straight to the heart. And as much as we want just to forget it, it doesn’t work that way. Only God can give you a new heart. Go to God and ask Him for a new heart.

Thank you and praying for you sis!

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