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Brazillian Football Team Captain On Devastating Loss

“They were better than us. They prepared better. They played better.” – David Luiz

Brazil’s David Luiz drops to his knees after his team suffers its worst loss in the World Cup. Photo by Pedro Ugarte/AFP


One of the most important lessons in manhood we all have to learn is accepting defeat with honor.

I wasn’t really able to follow the World Cup 2014 action but this particular news caught my attention:

“Apologies to everybody, apologies to all the Brazilian people,” said a tearful David Luiz after the mauling in Belo Horizonte.

“I just wanted to see my people smile. We all know how important it was for me to see all of Brazil be happy, at least because of football.

“They were better than us. They prepared better. They played better.”

“It’s a very sad day but it’s also a day from which to learn”

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It amazes me that there are still men, like David, who can face defeat like this. He apologized to the stakeholders; stated his intentions; honored his opponents and considered it as a learning experience.

I think that, whether in business, work, and even relationships, men should learn how to admit their mistakes, accept defeat and be bold enough to honor people who are better than them.