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Have you ever felt like being alone? Where no one is there to support you? No one to encourage you? No one telling you, “We’re here beside you, don’t worry” as you quake in fear?

Ah, long, dark night. And eerily silent nights.

Nights when you feel like even God seemed to have abandoned you.

Honestly, we’re not alone in this type of feeling.

Mulu-Caves-MalaysiaThere was a shepherd boy, who, before officially assuming his title as king of Israel, was considered a renegade and a rebel.

David lived in caves. Wandering from one cave to another as King Saul and his men hunts him down, just as a hunter hunts down a lion.

As he sleeps, David holds on to his sword, just in case King Saul and his men would come and try to kill him.

And this didn’t just happen once. That was David’s life for many, many years! For David, each day was like hell. The thought of being captured one day by King Saul and his men, easily sends chills down his spine.

And the sad part is, David was away from his wife, family and best friend, Jonathan.

But in those moments of “cave dwellings”, he felt he was not alone as he felt closer to God.

Amazing! Especially with what he said in 

Psalm 4:7-8 (The New Living Translation),You have given me greater joy than those who have abundant harvests of grain and new wine. 8 In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, O Lord, will keep me safe.”           

When life doesn’t seem “fair”, or when we feel like we’re reduced a “cave dweller” – seemingly isolated from God’s blessing and favor – take heart, we’re not alone.

Perhaps, the “cave dwelling” is an opportunity for you to know God better and develop and stronger, deeper relationship with Him.

For when we look back at David, years after his “cave dwellings”, he eventually became king, succeeding Saul, his “hunter”.

Are you going through your own “cave dwellings” as of late, isolated in the dark, and feeling so down and lonely?

You are not alone. For God promises that you will live in safety when we entrust our lives to Him.

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