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The Defining Minute of my Manhood

I was 12 when a man decided to mentor me and lead me towards manhood and Christian leadership. I am thankful that he was willing to sacrifice his time to build me to be God’s man. I think I am the blessed few who God ordained to be discipled by Pastor Ferdie Cabiling. I am now trying to work on a book that I am calling DEFINING MINUTE. It is the moment when you know it would create such an impact on your life forever.

I have the privilege of having a handful of defining minute with Pastor Ferdie. Let me give you one. THE DEFINING MINUTE OF MY MANHOOD. I grew up with a dad who loves me and provides for me. But we never really talked about manhood. He showed it, he lived it by being faithful with his business, his marriage and his faith. I thank God for my dad who was open to expose me to other men who could help him shape me.

One of them was Pastor Ferdie. I never get a lot of pep talk with my dad or with any other man who were in my life at that time so when I met Pastor Ferdie my life would literally change. The defining minute of my manhood was not me learning how to drive, or the love letter I gave to a girl in class. It happened when Pastor Ferdie called out the manhood in me. I remember I was 13 at that time. He looked me in the eye with so much intensity that I felt like it was an intense basketball game. He then said with full conviction -” Dennis, you are no longer a boy, you are a man!”. Less than a minute. It defined me. I was now a man, officially. I don’t know if he saw it or if that was a routine for all the boys under his care as a youth pastor but he called out something dormant in me – my manhood. Thank you Pastor Ferdie for that defining minute! Below is a picture taken 18 years ago and a picture taken recently.

defining minute


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