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Love Adventure

Remember the movie UP. It is one of my most favorite movie not because I look like Russell – but because of the lesson about love, life and marriage. In the first scene of the movie we see the love story of Carl and Elle. Let us watch the video first of their love story:

When Ellie dies, Carl was full of regrets of not going to that adventure they have dreamt of when they were just starting out as a couple. In a desperate attempt, Carl then tries to travel to South Africa by tying his house to a bunch of balloons. As you continue to watch the movie, you realized a very important lesson- it wasn’t really about building the house on top of a mountain – it is the adventure you shared with your spouse along the way.

As couples, sometimes we get sidetracked with our expectations (specially the unmet ones), and we tend to focus on the dreams rather than on the journey of having someone with us on the journey to where God leads us. Loving someone is the real adventure. Sharing the journey with the love of your life is the best journey you will ever have.

As what author Kerry Shook wrote in his book Love at Last Sight: Thirty Days to Grow and Deepen Your Closest Relationships, the adventure of a lifetime is right in front of us. It’s just cleverly disguised as a familiar face.