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The Power of Being All There

Taken from Love at Last Sight: Thirty Days to Grow and Deepen Your Closest Relationships, page 17.

Many years ago a freelance reporter for the New York Times was interviewing the actress. The reporter was aware of Marilyn’s difficult past and how she had been shuffled from one foster home to another. The reporter asked her, “Did you ever feel loved by any of the foster families with whom you lived?”

“Once,” Marilyn replied,m” when I was about seven or eight. The woman I was living with was putting on makeup, and I was watching her. She was in a happy mood, so she reached over and patted my face with her rouge puff… For the moment I felt loved by her.”

The interview with Marilyn is a sad story of how people are longing for us to love fully. To be there. To not just be physically present but be emotionally engaged with the people we love.

It means when having dinner, we don’t look at our gadgets but on the eyes of our wife and kids and engage them in meaningful conversation. It means setting a limit to use your computers at home and take time to hang out with your kids and wife. They need us to be all there.

The most meaningful moment for my daughter was our Me and My Dad Camp. I asked why and she said because I have daddy with me exclusively.





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