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Fathering Tip: First Time Obedience

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Why do we encourage first time obedience?

The reason we practice this at home is because we are training our kids how to listen attentively and honor authority. We have seen so many kids not used to first time obedience and would test the limits of the parents that leads to potential danger.

A friend was recounting a story where his kid almost got hit by a car but because he was trained to listen and obey the first time, he was spared from getting hit by the car.

We have had numerous times when Isaiah ( aged 1 year and 6 months) would try to put his fingers in the socket but because we are training him for first time obedience, we were able to stop accidents from happening.

It will never be perfect for our kids. Sometimes, our patience and authority will be tested but the key is to remain consistent and lovingly teach our kids to obey the first time.