Act Like a Man Summit Recap

Taking Manhood Back

Act Like a Man Summit Recap

We just finished our men’s equipping meeting called ACT LIKE A MAN SUMMIT with men from our church and other leaders from other Victory churches. It was a powerful time of worship and equipping men in the subject of biblical manhood. One of the highlights of the event was the sight of 400 men worshipping Jesus.


Men from Victory Greenhills, Ortigas, Metroeast, Fort and Ubelt. Some came as far as Victory Cebu to join us!


 Pastor Gilbert Foliente, senior pastor of Victory Ubelt started out by challenging men to ACT LIKE MEN.


 Common denominator in all the session was that God has called us to take lead.

Some notes from Pastor Gilbert’s session:

1. Embrace Biblical Manhood that makes a family whole, a woman safe, a child confident and a community strong.

2. We are given the role to lead – we will be accountable to God.

3. 2 Kings 2:2 Be strong and act like a man. Davids charge to his son Solomon before he died

4. Real men protect the purity of women.



Talked about Men being created as warriors. Warriors are not war freaks but they know when and how to fight!

The third session, Pastor Joseph Bonifacio made biblical manhood practical by sharing how we can practically act like a man. His talk was entitled MOVES NG MGA ENGOT. It’s a great practical talk on practical ways to be a man and avoid mistakes men make especially in relationships with women.


We ended by answering some tough questions on manhood.


Thank you also to our host, Pastor Larry, Randell Tiongson and Jek Valle


Let’s act like a man and bring biblical manhood back!

Watch out for our podcast soon and vidcast at Youtube!


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