Gilbert Foliente’s Leadership

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Gilbert Foliente’s Leadership

I want to take this time to honor a man who has shaped so many young men and women to live honorable, godly and responsible lives. Pastor Gilbert is the senior pastor of Victory U Belt, our largest campus church in Metro Manila, attracting more than 4000 students every week not counting those attending the Sunday services.


From a far, Gilbert is your ideal leader. Humble, a man who loves encouraging others and somebody who believes in the potential of people. Some of the greatest pastors and ministers today where trained under his wings. When you work with Pastor Gilbert Foliente up close, you would see that who he is from a far is who he is when you get to work closely with him. That means what you see is what you get!


According to Jim Collins, author of Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…And Others Don’t, a great leader or what he calls a Level 5 leader is someone who is humble but focused on achieving the vision of the organization.



And this is what you get to experience and see when you see Gilbert at work. It will never be about him or his ministry. It’s all about Jesus. He deflects the glory and acknowledges the work of his staff and the work of the Holy Spirit. At the same time, he has this intense professional will which I think comes from that passion to see more people encounter Jesus. From his youth leadership days at UP Los Banos, to becoming the senior pastor of UPLB and growing it to reach thousandsĀ of the UP Los Banos students – to transitioning it to one of his disciples, Pastor Jon Dolor and now pastoring Victory Ubelt – you know that Gilbert is doing something right.

And wait till you hear how the people working under him acknowledges the humility and professional will he possesses.

It is a great privilege to work under the leadership of Ptr. Gilbert because he is one of the few men I know who exemplifies humility and hard work. The bible says, “The Lord gives grace to the humble” and I’ve seen how he is giving his best in everything he does. He has the “whatever it takes” attitude. When his work is commended, he gives the glory back to God and to the people who made things possible. – Rodnel Gascon

Working under Pastor Gilbert is never a duty but a delight His drive to make things great and his fresh creativity inspires us (as his team) to always give our best and find the “craziest” solutions. He is never a cookie-cutter leader – he challenges us to break the mold. He would always inspire us to serve beyond our capacity – in short, he is the Senior Pastor who loves giving away his staff Best of all, he leads with passion, faith and so much fun! He never leads out of position, always out of love and genuine concern. He leads by influence and he has taught in so many ways how to lead relationally. – Krish Rola

Pastor Gilbert would always make sure that we are working very hard but at the same time having fun. Its a joy and privilege working with him. – Pastor Ryan Tan