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Manhood Maxim #2: The Heart of Marc Pingris

“I really just have to give my 100 percent. They’re big but I need to use my quickness and 100 percent heart” – Marc Pingris

Marc has taken the Philippine Basketball to new level. What is interesting is that Marc is not at all flashy as player. He is a very fundamental player. He is no Kobe or Jordan. He is no Japheth Aguilar who dunks the ball at will. But what makes Marc Pingris well… Marc Pingris?

Smart Gilas coach Chot Reyes in an interview said,

Marc Pingris as a player has no skill. He can’t shoot from the outside. He’s a very average ball-handler. He’s a great rebounder for the Philippines. Being 1.98m in the Philippines is tall, but here he’s overmatched against all the power forwards he faces. Yet, he’s one of the most important parts of our team, and his only skill is hustle,” “He works hard. Balls which you think are impossible to get to, he gets to. You’ll think it’s impossible for him to defend the opposing team’s guy, and he’ll defend him. He’ll do that. That’s it, that’s his skill. I believe as a coach that hustle is a talent, hustle is a skill. And that’s what he brings us, just an incredible work ethic and a never-give-up fighting spirit.” quote taken from http://www.fiba.com/basketballworldcup/2014/news/Heartbreaking-loss-can-t-dampen-Pingris–Hollywood-

So it’s not the height. It’s not the skill. It’s not the shooting.

It’s plain HUSTLE. HEART.Marc Pingris

And that is Stephen Mansfield Manhood Maxin #2: Manly men tend their fields

Marc Pingris knows his territory. He owns it, guards it borders, repel all invaders and hunt down any man who tries to enter his paint. Mansfield said, ” The key to powerful manhood is that a man fully owns – takes responsibility for, tends, stands guard over, assures the healthy condition of the field assigned to him.”

When a man takes care of his field and territory well, he eventually gets promoted. He gets noticed. He is given additional value in his field of assignment. His hustle and tenacity to guard what was assigned to him gives him the increase. His art impacts a larger audience. His influence increases. He is then entrusted with more.

Chot Reyes recalls in a conversation he had with Marc in Spain:

‘Coach, imagine me. I was just selling watermelons and now I’m here, in Spain, in this train. From selling watermelons and sleeping in the middle of the market and now I’m here in these nice hotels in Spain, in these great surroundings

Let me end by quoting a section from Mansfield book

It is the job of a man to know the definition of the field assigned to him. Who belongs to him? What is he responsible for? What boundaries is he guarding? What forces – physical, moral, emotional, spiritual, intellectual – must he guard against? What needs to be done? And certainly what does God require? (page 27)

MANHOOD MAXIM #2: Manly men tend their fields