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Ardy “POGI” Roberto on Act Like A Man

real men are pogi

If you’re a man and think that you don’t need to read this book, then think again. Because “pride comes before the fall,” every man needs to read Act Like a Man with humility and learn and re-learn what we need to know and do to “man up”! Because every Proverbs 31 wife needs a Proverbs 31 man, every husband needs to read Act Like a Man. Because our sons and daughters desperately need fathers who are man enough to hug their children, Dads need to read Act Like a Man.

All POGI men need to read this book to keep on being POGI! Read this and reap!”

Ardy Roberto
speaker, entrepreneur and Best-selling author of Real Men are POGI – How to Handsome in God’s Eyes to Attract Your God’s Best