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Do What is Right

Just watched the Equalizer starring Denzel Washington last week with my wife. It’s been a long time that I haven’t seen an action film MLK-The-Time-is-Always-right-to-do-what-is-rightwithout any sexual scenes so it was refreshing to watch this movie ( though some scenes could have been less violent).  The film highlights the problem with human trafficking and the machinery behind it. It is sad to see that the battle to free women and children from sex slavery would be a long and tedious fight. But I won’t get into that – I did blog about human trafficking here and here and here. 

But if there is one glaring lesson in the movie with regards to manhood it is this: DO WHAT IS RIGHT. 

As Christian men – we base our standard on the Holy Bible. The Scripture is our standard of what is right and wrong. The Scripture guides us how to deal with the relationships we have. The Bible guides in in treating people with dignity and respect, to love the unlovable, to prioritze our wife and kids, to fight for injustice, to be benevolent to the poor. Do what we can. Do what God has called us to do as long as it doesn’t go against God’s command in Scripture. Randell Tiongson blogged about how he does it here. It is a great example of what we can do to help.

So ask yourself – What is God requiring you to do? Take action and do what is right.

It might be to pay off your debt. It might be to date your wife this week. It might be to make up lost time with your kids. It might be to join a charity organization. It might be to help a friend in need instead of doing something trivial. Do what is right!