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Man Tip #4: Huwag Mag Invite ng Ibang Lalaki na Mag-CR

Nauso ito nung high school. I would hear some of my friends say, “Bro, CR tayo!” The first time I heard it, meron na akong spider-sense tingling feeling. It sounded wrong, it felt wrong and again it is unmanly. Why would you invite another man to go the comfort room with you? Will you talk about the latest shopping trip you made or compare facial wash that you use. WEIRD.

If you want to urinate, do it alone brother! Don’t tag another brother along. You are responsible for your own urine. Same goes with your #2. I do not need to know what you do in the CR, it is none of my business.

And if you do want to talk about your shopping spree or the facial wash you use – you can share it with your mom.

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