Man Tip #1: Give a Generous Tip

Taking Manhood Back

Man Tip #1: Give a Generous Tip

Starting this week I will be doing a weekly mentoring coach thru my blogs on practical manhood. This came about when I was having lunch with a couple from church who were coaching single men and women. They noticed that a lot of men don’t know how to practically act as men. One factor is the lack of men they could emulate and interact with.

So I will start a series every Tuesday on this site and teach some practical man things. Some would be trivial and some are just plain practical but when you start practicing it – would do much good in your life as a man.

So let me start this week with Man Tip #1: Give a generous tip.

A man tips well. Here are some people you need to tip well.

tip1. Waiters – especially the waiters in the restaurant where you frequently eat. Ideally, you give 8 to 10% of your total bill when tipping. The only exception is when there is a service charge already in your bill but again it won’t hurt to give an additional P20 on top of the service charge.

2. Barber – your barber is your barber. You don’t change barber every month. You meet with your barber at least 12 times a year. Your hair style is dependent on your barber. Tip generously whether you like his service or not. Some time they do have bad hair days which means they need more tip from you.

3. Parking Attendant – you want to feel safer when you park your car – tip your parking attendant well. Get to know their first name and greet them all the time. In the Philippines, it is crucial to have a good relationship with your parking attendant.



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