The Great Lee

Taking Manhood Back

The Great Lee

When you mention the word LEE, people would usually think of Bruce Lee, Lee-Min Ho, General Lee, Lee Kum Kee. But not for me… When the word Lee is mentioned, I always think about my great friend LEE CONCEPCION.


Google him and you might find that he is a two time Olympian who represented the ¬†Philippines in swimming during the Eric Buhain era. Being an Olympian speaks a lot of volumes to the character and discipline of a man. But I won’t get into that – there is more to LEE that meets the eye.

Lee is a father of five kids. Yes, five kids who love Jesus. I often visit their home and would leave praying that all my kids would one day be like Lee’s kids. They all love Jesus, they love each other and they a playful bunch. Lee also is the husband of Jiji who is also a league of her own – but I’ll reserve that blog for her birthday.


So you have a man who leads a high capacity wife and five wonderful kids. Now that speaks a lot on a man’s character and leadership. But I won’t get into that – there is more to LEE that meets the eye.


Lee is a great friend and a team player. He has commanding leadership but he knows how to work in teams. He gets the job done and his humble with his achievements – sometimes too humble if there is such a thing. Some find it is a lost opportunity to brand yourself but I see it as a virtue. Maybe with the track record of Olympic medals and leading a big family – he sure knows how life and leadership works.

Happy Birthday brother! Honored to work with you in honoring God and making disciples!



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