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How Womanizing destroys our Finances

Let me give you some proof that adultery, divorce, womanizing is detrimental to your financial health. Taken from the site: http://aff102.booshsports.com/top-10-nba-stars-who-went-broke/

1. Shawn Kemp – Seattle Supersonics – Career Earnings: $92,000,000

Kemp lost much of his fortune to paying child support to many women he had kids with. Last count was that he fathered at least 6 kids with 7 women, all of which he had to pay a large portion of his fortune to.


2. Kenny Anderson – Career Earnings: $60,000,000

Kenny had 3 divorces, 8 kids, and pays child support to 5 women.


3. Dennis Rodman – Chicago Bulls – Career Earnings: $50,000,000

It is unclear exactly what Rodman blew all of his money on but we do know that he still owes about $1 million in child support payments.

Dennis Rodman


4. Jason Caffey – Chicago Bulls – Career Earnings: $30,000,000


This player’s bad life choices started by fathering 10 children by 8 women! Caffey was so irresponsible with this money that he went broke and the Bulls forward was arrested in 2007 for failure to make child support payments.

In October of 2008, a judge in Alabama rejected a bankruptcy case filed by Caffey, clearing the way for him to be sued for child support.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Cynthia D. Wright issued an arrest warrant Tuesday over Caffey’s failure to obey a court order that he pay more than $200,000 in child support and legal fees to Lorunda Brown and her attorney.

“We’ve been trying to get his attention and this should do it,” said Brown’s attorney, Randy Kessler. Kessler said Brown is the mother of Caffey’s 6-year-old (at the time) son.

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