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On Using “God is Faithful” as an Excuse

maxresdefaultYou might have heard it being said, “God is faithful!” He is always faithful, so even if I deliberately make a mistake, He is faithful. Well, in some ways this might be true but it is also irresponsible.

Case in point: A man decides he is not going to work as hard to provide for his family who is in need of extra cash for monthly expenditures. He does not push himself to work harder and find extra work or be good at what he does to add more value to his work. He goes home and makes an excuse to his wife that everything will be alright because God is faithful.

Men, I won’t make God’s faithfulness an issue. He is faithful but when we don’t act like a man and step up to live out our responsibilities, we become faithless. God’s faithfulness and our unfruitfulness are two different things.

God has given us a measure of faith to live out our call as men. We are providers, we are kings who lead our family by serving, we are warriors and we are called to protect our family. God is faithful in giving us the tools and opportunities to man up but when we start playing the excuse card that God is faithful therefore I’ll stay apathetic, lazy and irresponsible is just plain wrong.

Next time, come up with a better excuse.