Dear Thammie

Taking Manhood Back

Dear Thammie

He who finds a wife, finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord. – Proverbs 18:22

February 2005 – I received the biggest favor from the Lord. I married my wife Thammie. Well technically, God gave Thammie to me. I think my human powers would be impossible to make her like me, love me and marry me. It was God, and I acknowledge that.

thammie syThammie, thank you for standing with me in everything. From my booboos in our early years of marriage, to my insecurities and lack of leadership – you stood with me. It’s almost ten years, and I want to thank you for not just being patient with me but loving me as Christ would love. Your love and patience have made me a better man. Thammie, I know I am not the sweetest man as what our friends would attest, but I want to tell you that I would not trade you for anyone or anything else in this world.

Thammie, thank you for standing out in your faith and the gospel. You have exemplified supernatural faith and the ability to believe God for greater things. You have pushed me to a new level of faith. All our unexpected blessings – you have prayed for and believed God for it. Your love for Jesus is worth emulating. Your living for the glory of God always reminds me that I only live for an audience of one – and that is not you but Jesus. And I believe this is why we are both growing in our marriage and relationship with Jesus because you remind me always that it is not about me or you, but Jesus.

Thammie, thank you for making me stand tall in leadership and life. Since day one of our marriage – you have nothing but honor and praise for me. Thank you for submitting under my leadership even when sometimes (or most of the time), you could have led better. It made me a better leader in all aspects ( work, ministry, family and marriage). Thank you because you were never historical, and you never blamed me for some of the consequences of my leadership but honored me in front of my family, your family and our friends. You made me act like a man because you treated me like a man and not a boy. Thank you for your ability to make me feel 10x stronger because you are standing beside me.

I love you so much. 2014 has been a good year for us. God has been good to us. I am looking forward to a hundred years more of loving you and serving you. Happy Birthday.


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