Ending an Unhealthy Relationship

Taking Manhood Back

Ending an Unhealthy Relationship

Question: How can I end a relationship that is unhealthy?

Answer: I think I’ll spare you the specific steps. Let me get to the heart. Why are you still staying in that relationship? If that relationship is unhealthy, you have to stop and run as far away from that as possible. The step is simple: END IT. Say goodbye, and say why you are leaving the relationship. And if unhealthy means there is abuse, call the police. Some things in life, you don’t need an advice. You know what to do with it. But if you want my affirmation on an unhealthy relationship – then I am affirming that you are making the right choice to end it.

The relationships we have is our choice. So you choose to enter it, I think you could choose to exit from that relationship. Praying that God gives you the strength to end that.



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