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It is going to be my 10th Wedding Anniversary this coming February and because of that I am feeling generous! Since it is our 10th year, I am giving away 10 free Act Like a Man books  for the next two weeks by doing a very simple thing for me. Here is how you can win my book.

1. Write a book review of my book Act Like a Man in your blog or in your Facebook Notes and tag me. Ten winners will be chosen for the next two weeks and your review will be featured on Actlikeaman.org. The more creative the reviews, the better chances of winning.

2. You need to also tag me in your blog/tweet/FB/twitter with the #actlikeaman or tag me if you are using Facebook.

3. Once you are chosen, I will be contacting you through email or your FB and will ship my books to your given address.

4. I will also pick one grand winner who will also get a free Rich for Life book for free.

Simple right. It’s my way of saying thank you for making Actlikeaman.org the #1 manhood blog in the Philippines!