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Book Deal: Younique- Understanding Other by Understanding You

Once you talk to our staff at church, you would eventually hearing us say, “Well, he is a D and she is an I.” or “remember she is a C so learn how to work with her on that aspect.”

Ever since I read and our whole team read Jayson Lo’s Younique book, it has helped us work well with each other. The great thing about Jayson’s book is that it also applies to marriage and relationships. If you decide to love someone, you need to study them – thus Younique is one of those books that I highly recommend every family must have!

And for Act Like a Man readers, I have great news! From January 20 to March 1, when you order Younique thru this site, we will be offering a free shipping of the book.



To order, please follow the simple steps:

1) Deposit P400.00 (per book inclusive of shipping) to BPI saving account #0829-0253-02 ,  Account Name: Dennis Sy. or

2.Deposit P400.00 to Banco De Oro (BDO) savings account #00235-009-3308, Account Name: Dennis Sy

3) Scan or take a photo of the deposit slip and email to dennis2059@gmail.com along with your name, complete mailing address, email address and mobile phone number.

4) Our courier will be XEND express. Wait for 3 to 5 working days for Metro Manila and Provincial deliveries.

Wait there’s more!

If you order Younique by Jayson Lo, Money Manifesto by Randell Tiongson and Act Like a Man by Dennis Sy – you only have to pay P1200. That is a P200 saving! Just follow the same step as above!