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Come out of the Cave

Most men quit. We tend to channel our drive and energy away from overcoming our weaknesses – and toward whatever makes us feel better. Men hit the eject button and hide in juvenile behavior such as video games, pornography, sports leagues, or substance abuse. Other men don’t hide in their activities – they hide in themselves. They remain silent, consistently passive, and socially awkward. Still others hide with their friends, delaying marriage or, if married, avoiding connections with their wives. 

-Darrin Patrick, The Dude’s Guide to Manhood, page 3


This year it’s time to get out of cave of convenience, comfort and excuses. We have to man up and stop making excuses that we can’t be the husband, father, and men we are designed to be. We can’t continue running away or hiding from what we were called to do.

Instead of hitting the eject button, decide to put up a fight this year. It is not about feeling better – it is about being men. And let us stop focusing on the minors of manhood and exert energy on the majors of manhood.

Lead, protect, provide loving leadership in areas of emotions, finances and spiritual things. Be a man. Own up. Take responsibility. Shape up. Level Up.

Get out of the cave – you know what I mean. Bring manhood back!