Mediocrity is the brother of crab mentality

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Mediocrity is the brother of crab mentality

This is a blog entry by Randy Burgos

Those who cannot, criticize those who can.

People are naturally critical of things they do not know. It stems from their fear of the unknown. Most often, once in their lives they were presented with a blind opportunity, and they were afraid to make the jump. The opportunity didn’t wait for them, it passed them and they are left with nothing but regrets. In horror and silent remorse, they watch the same blind opportunity grabbed by other people. Consequently, they criticize those who took the leap of faith and succeeded as mayabang, pabibo/pasikat, nagmamarunong. This is often true of us Filipinos. We call it crab mentality.

Or it could basically be about an opportunity that they waited for — but never came.

But whether it is due to a missed opportunity or a missing opportunity, they blame other people for their misfortunes. They claim to be victims and accuse those who excel for making them feel miserable. All these are subconsciously done to justify their fears, or envy, or jealousy, or remorse or their own feelings of inadequacy; feelings that do exist deep inside the nook and crannies and dark crevices of their longing hearts — feelings that they are either too proud or too afraid to accept.

In summary, people who criticize those who excel are cowards who hide behind the pretense of mediocrity. After all, misery loves company.



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