Taking Manhood Back


50fa3f6aJust like a “Panyo” (handkerchief) that can wipe one’s tears, the Panyo in my song is a metaphor of someone who was there for me figuratively wiping my tears during my lowest times. Looking back in my twenty(20) years of singing and writing songs, I can say that it’s truly a blessing to get into the mainstream without much difficulty during the 90s. I met new people, went places and won awards.

The first ten years were pretty amazing, but during the time when I decided to take a break after that 10 years, I felt totally at a loss of what to do next. It’s like I was stripped from something that holds a big chunk of me. I realized that I actually didn’t know who I really am apart from being on stage. I got depressed and felt rejected. I started singing again after almost a 3-year hiatus, but it was like starting from scratch. Many things have changed and it was now harder to get back from where I left off. I realized how true it is that everything is temporary.

But during those times that I was in my lowest point, the only thing that I experienced that is constant and never-failing, is the love of the Father. I may not be on stage as often, and my songs may not have that much opportunity to be heard on the radio and TV, but one thing I do know, is that I am already approved and loved by my Father in Heaven. Siya yung panyo ko na hindi ako iniwan kailanman. Because of Him, there is always hope. Alam kong di ako nag-iisa.

I realized that first and foremost, I am God’s child. That is my identity that will be forever constant in Jesus. Tumanda man ako, nag-asawa at naging Ina, singer man o hindi, may hit song man o wala, hindi kailanman magbabago na anak ako ng Diyos.

Knowing that I am already affirmed and approved by my God, who I can call “Father” empowers me to continue singing and writing songs to communicate that hope and love that I received from Him. Nowadays, I don’t get to see people using a handkerchief, most people use a disposable facial tissue. Panyo then for me shows a deeper kind of relationship that is not disposable, and an affection that is not temporary. Maganda sana kung tayo ay maging panyo sa mga tao sa paligid natin. Para sa’yo sino ang naging panyo mo?

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