Starting Our Year With Planning and Goal Setting

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Starting Our Year With Planning and Goal Setting

Last 2014 we decided to set aside some time out of town to just focus and write down things that we are believing God for. We went for a 2 hour road trip to a mountain resort and wrote it there. This year we did it again. We chose one of the nicest garden restaurants within the metro, sat down, and wrote our 2015 faith goals! Oh and we ate great food too! Look:

IMAG1730 IMAG1732 IMAG1733

We included in our agenda a budget review for last year and a 6-month budget for this year. We saw which items we spent a lot on, we checked our cash flow, etc. I love planning! Sometimes I make good plans, sometimes I make bad ones. Nevertheless, I plan.

Anyway, the highlight of our date was writing our faith goals. It was also a great time to read our last year’s faith goals, and saw how faithful God was to us! This year is even more exciting, as both of us is foreseeing great adversities (in our standards) -things we haven’t faced before as a couple or even as singles. This might be the biggest challenge in our finances and in our careers ever! Ahh! The greater the challenge, the bigger the room for God to work! This is what we believe.

We wrote down the top 4 categories in our lives where we believe God will work: health, finances, career, and our relationships (with God, with each other, and with others). Of course God can work in other areas, but we chose to focus our prayers in these 4 relevant areas this year.

We started by brainstorming about what our practical goals are, if we were to trust our own capabilities, then we put in faith to the equation! For example, if we think we need 50% increase in sales, and we know we can do it on our own, we then ask ourselves, what could God do? We then adjust the value, or the statement according to how we think God will work. Last year, we have set goals that weren’t exactly what we got. We can be wrong of course, but we need to start believing in something. Our faith needs to be anchored somewhere, and we chose to anchor it not on our own capabilities but to something…Someone, bigger than us.

Lastly, we decided to write down our battle cry for this year, and an accompanying verse. We wrote it somewhere we can often see, to remind us of the battle, and to remind us who is fighting for us.



I study coaching, and I know that there is (psychological) power to writing down goals. It gives your brain focus and it inspires you too! But you know, I realized, there is greater power in making faith goals, it still gives you something to work on, but more than that, it gives you something to believe in, That at the end of the day, you can plan and set goals all you want but it is God who empowers you to reach them. You know, the “goals” are not really the goals. They are merely an excuse to force us to seek Him deeply so we can experience His faithfulness, so that we can please Him, through our faith.