Success Tip: Talk to People who are Successful

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Success Tip: Talk to People who are Successful

” I just think it is a total no-brainer for anyone who’s going through the growth of a business, when they have not done it before, to sit and talk with people who have.” – Robert Glazer, CEO of Acceleration Partners

Growing up in a culture of discipleship at church, we were taught and exposed early in life to look for people who can help you in life. We call it anchor discipleship. Have people you look up to in certain areas of life that you can run to anytime. I am blessed with friendships (not just mentoring relationships), that has helped me and Thammie navigate through life.

I am thankful for Paolo Punzalan and Jenn Punzalan for helping us navigate our love life and marriage.

I am thankful for Pastor Ferdie Cabiling who helped me in my early years as a disciple of Jesus and now as a senior pastor.

I am thankful for the leadership of Pastor Steve and Deborah Murrell and Joey and Marie Bonifacio, who are spiritual giants and fathers we can look up to and observe. Your humble leadership is inspiring.

I am thankful for Chinkee and Nove, Randell and Mia, Jayson and Kat Lo for friendship that goes beyond financial or career advices.

I am thankful for Lee and Jiji, Larry and Yet, Bojo and Ronna, Tito and Carol, Joash and Ethel, Dave and Ghe for making church work fun. Is it really work when you love the family atmosphere?

I run to this guys for help. I need it all the time and I thank God for providing me with solid friends and mentors.

Enlist your mentors and people who can help navigate you this 2015!