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My 50 Shades Reflection

It is sad and painful to see people line up in movie theaters to watch the latest movie 50 Shades of Grey. With all the violence against women and the fight we are having with human sex trafficking in the Philippines – it seems like a lot of Filipinos still feed on the very thing that destroys marriages and societies – THE OBJECTIFICATION OF WOMEN.

In a blog article that came out at http://endsexualexploitation.org/articles/the-reality-of-a-fifty-shades-relationship/, we are given an example of a real life Christian Grey – respected in the business world but doing much damage in the sexual exploitation of women. Movies that celebrates BDSM and objectifying women is an insult to our culture and the dignity of every woman. It is driven by lustful men with no good intention whatsoever. Kung anong galit natin nung napanood natin yung Taken 1 dahil trinatratong parang gamit at basura ang mga babae, ngayon naman natutuwa tayo na may 50 shades of Grey!

While thousands of women are fantasizing about the controlling and abusive Christian Grey from the book, there are many women dealing with the horrors of actually living with men like him. The actions taken by Robert Bashara, 56, who goes by “Master Bob” in BDSM circles, paints a more realistic picture of how Fifty Shades of Grey plays out in real life. Bashara was recently sentenced to life in prison for killing his wife. His motive was her refusal to engage in a BDSM relationship or to consent to his having one with other women. On the surface, Bashara was a respected businessman and president of the Rotary Club, but in his other life, he brought women whom he referred to as ‘slaves’ to his sexual dungeon located under a local bar. Bashara’s own son and daughter testified against him, recounting his use of violent pornography and the controlling way he sought to dominate his wife.

TheFifty Shades firestorm pushes the lie that women can fix violent and controlling men by being obedient and loving. The reality, though, is that most women in these kinds of relationships end up dead, in a women’s shelter, or on the run for years.

Society pays a price when we teach men to be turned on by women in pain. 89% of scenes in mainstream pornography today depict violence against women and this is spilling over into the mainstream media. As a result, sexual violence is on the rise in our military, in our best universities, and on the street. When we make violence sexy, it is no wonder that these are the consequences we face.

Porn will show you that women enjoy torture and violence and now Fifty Shades is tacking on an unrealistic fairy tale ending. It is time we speak up and stop obscuring the facts by allowing pornographers, like Fifty Shadesauthor E.L. James, to fool us into thinking this lifestyle is attractive, harmless, and empowering.

The website http://fightthenewdrug.org/five-things-fifty-shades-of-grey-teaches/#sthash.9AFoVauM.dpbs, gives us an infographic of what Fifty Shades is actually marketing to us:



Folks, we are given a choice to eat up porn trash and accept it as a reflection of where our society is going – as what movie producers would always say – “ang mga pelikula, salamin lang ng kultura.” Excuse me, I beg to disagree.

Movies that depicts women as such (objects, toys, and sex partners) and portray men as sadistic are mirroring nothing but the cancer of society. Hindi ko masikmura na kaya natin panoorin ito at i-endorse ito sa iba. We have looked down on ourselves and devalued ourselves. We have disrespected the women who have been sexually abused by men who are practicing such lifestyle by paying, reading and watching porn like 50 shades.

Maraming haters pag nag blog ka na ang babae dapat pinagpapahalagahan by respecting them and treating them with purity and holiness kasi old fashion daw at hindi progressive ang pag-iisip. Sa tingin ko, confused tayo as a nation. Progressive thinking is giving people value and dignity that they deserve because they are God’s creation. Old fashion thinking yung pwede ka makipag sex kahit kanino man, magpaapi sa mga lalaking kaya kang bayaran dahil mahal mo siya kahit na trinatrato kang parang basura, old fashion ang prostitution ( old testament pa lang, andyan na sila), hindi progressive ang divorce dahil sa reasoning na di ko na siya mahal. We got it all wrong. Kaya nga nung gumawa ng batas si Lord, He said thou shall not commit adultery, thou shall not look at a woman lustfully, thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife, thou shall not defile the marriage bed – isa lang ang mensahe ni Lord- Value and love people because I love and value them even to the point of death.

Pinagpalit natin ngayon – we are controlled by lust. I will use people and devalue them to the point of my convenience and satisfaction. I will submit under sexual bondage and sadistic domination to the point of orgasm? Nasaan ang love. Love isn’t supposed to hurt di ba?



I am for progressive thinking. Let us stop devaluing people and let us celebrate life and love – not lust and sexual exploitation. I rest my case!

Here are some 6 real quotes from the book that would make you think twice about loving 50 shades:




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