How to Improve Your Relationship with Your Dad

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How to Improve Your Relationship with Your Dad

During our 2014 Easter celebration in MOA Arena, all the Builders / Preachers went up on stage with Bro. Bo Sanchez to show a placard of our bad past, then we flipped them over to show who we are now.

I went up with my WOUND PLACARD saying, “I HATE DAD”.

As I flipped it over, my WIN PLACARD said, “I LOVE DAD”.


At that moment, the jam-packed arena rumbled with applause because they were able to relate to me.

Since that day, truckloads of people have been sharing with me their stories of anger towards their fathers, and how they want to learn to forgive and start a better relationship with their dads. By the way, you can watch me and my dad’s story here

My dad is not a bad person, and I know now that he really didn’t intend to wound me when I was a young boy. That’s why I’m always happy to share about how much I love him and how thankful I am that he is my father. Today, I can talk to him about anything under the sun! Lately he has been so anxious and excited for people to read the book that I just finished writing.

Here are 2 things I did to help me have a better relationship with my Dad.

  1. Clean Slate

When my Dad accepted Jesus in his life, he knew that he had to work on his relationship with me but he didn’t know how. The problem was that I already distanced myself from him. I knew that he was reaching out but I couldn’t let him in my life because I kept seeing him as a bad person.

I had to make a decision to free myself from that prison, so I started forgiving him constantly and seeing him as Jesus sees him. That helped me accept my dad’s strengths and weaknesses. And in turn, I learned to love him more.

  1. Reach out

I noticed that dad would try to small talk me but I would just mumble and not really respond. Eventually I took up the courage to listen to his stories and communicate better with him. That helped our relationship improve. I started by looking in his eyes every time he told stories during dinner, and then it progressed to me asking him different questions about random things, and then it just eventually blossomed to a relationship wherein we could freely talk.

One of the highlights of my 2014 was on December 26 when we spent 4 hours having a chat over breakfast.

Working on your relationship with your Dad will be an amazing journey. It’s a journey that every man should take.

It will help you become the best man you can be.


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