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Why Every Man needs to attend Act Like A Man Convergence?

Written by Awyn Santos.

At last, the convergence for every boys, young men and adult men I dream last year has finally come true. This coming February 28, History Makers Young Professionals will conduct a Convergence:

“Act Like A Man”-Taking Manhood back With Ptr. Dennis Sy

(Note: This is an All Men’s Convergence)

By the way who is Ptr. Dennis Sy?

A Disciple and Lover of Christ. He is the Senior Pastor of Victory Greenhills. A loving and godly husband to his wife Thammie Sy. A father to his 2 daughters and 1 son.
He is also the editor in chief of the blogsite www.actlikeaman.org. Author of best selling books “Rich for Life” and “Act Like A Man.”

Through his blogs and books- he helped, inspired and challenged me to intentionally pursue Biblical manhood and to be the man that God wants me to be.

Here are some reasons why every man should attend this convergence:

10987626_1064812736867493_3984535125126612677_n1. There is a need of “Real Man” both in our society and in the church.

-Why there are broken marriages? Fatherless children? Battered wives? Or the lack of good men as leaders? And many more… because most of the men are gone.
The society and the church needs Men and not Boys. So what does it take to be a Real Man? In this convergence, I do believe that God will teach us to the biblical principles to be the real man.


2. To know and learn what is Biblical Manhood
-Nowadays we see boys and not man – not only in our society but also in the church.
-Sadly to say, the world defines manhood in a very secular way that it loses its real definition.
-Through this convergence, we will learn what is Biblical Manhood from one of those who stand-up for this cause not only by the words he speak and most of all his way of life.

3. To embrace God’s original design for us as Men of God
-From the beginning of time, God designed the first man to lead. Throughout History, most of the men lose their purpose and original design. But God is faithful, He send His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ – the Real Man to restore our original design. The Lord Jesus leaves as an example to follow. So also, Jesus called disciples to follow his example of manhood to set an example to every man.

I believe, God is challenging and calling the men in the Church to be intentionally pursue and restore Biblical Manhood in each lives and in the church. So, if God is convicting you to step-out from your comfort zone and calling you to be the man he wants you to be, I encourage you to attend this convergence.

So I encourage every boys, young men, adult men; Single, In a Relationship, Married Men, Fathers; Pastors, Leaders and Disciples of Christ to be part of this great movement to pursue Biblical Manhood.

I also encourage the women who are reading this blog. If you have a friend guy, boyfriend or husband; your brother, cousin, uncle or your father. Bring them in this Convergence.

When: Feb. 28, 2015; from 1pm-5pm
Where: Lifegiver Center; #20 K-J corner K-8th, East Kamias, Quezon City

Ticket price is P150.
For other churches who are interested, you may contact Mr. Mark Lolo for reservation of you tickets. (+639271504478)

So see you there!