Who are the Men that Stand Besides You

Taking Manhood Back

Who are the Men that Stand Besides You

Let me share with you Raffy’s story.

Raffy worked in sales, and because of this he had to go to a lot of events. He had to bring clients out, and every Friday his ritual with his officemates was to drink to end the tiring week. At the same time he went on numerous dead-end dates, and coasted through work everyday. This went on for years.

One day, he started to feel discontented with the way he was living. He looked at his life and saw that he had all the latest gadgets, he was able to travel anywhere he wanted, but there was something missing.

Because of the desperate need to fill that void, he searched everywhere for an answer.

I eventually met him because of a mutual friend, and I journeyed with Raffy to help him become the best person he can be.

Today, he’s a happy husband and father who serves at church and has been empowered to dream and do greater things in his life. Raffy told me that his finances are doing great, he’s planning to expand his business and most especially has more quality time with his family.

He was able to move from zero life to hero life.

One important thing that Raffy did was weed out the people that were poisonous. Some were toxic people at work, and some were friends who didn’t stop complaining about life.

He didn’t UNFRIEND them, but he loved them from a distance.

10523210_10152056618033239_5903075040995895862_nRaffy invested more on himself by surrounding himself with great men – Men who are God-loving, hardworking, takes care of their relationships and most especially men who have integrity.

He also found mentors who would help him with his life decisions. The amazing thing about mentors is that they help you where you want to go.

Are you like Raffy today? Do you have discontentment and are you looking for something better in your life?

Start by looking at the people you spend time with. Do you help each other become better?

If all they do is drag you down, I suggest you start looking for great men who can bring you closer to God and help you be a better man. Start spending more time with them.

How do look for these kinds of brothers? Let me give you 3 C’s to help you loc

  1. Courageous – Look for brothers who have stepped out of the their comfort zone
  2. Consistent – Look for brothers who are consistently improving their relationships, finances, themselves, and faith
  3. Character – I believe this is the most important thing, look for brothers who have good character

God loves you and he believes you can be the best man you can be.