Act Like a Man at Jesus the LifeGiver Church

Taking Manhood Back

Act Like a Man at Jesus the LifeGiver Church

It was an honor to be able to equip the men at Jesus the Life Giver Church International. So blessed to see men who are hungry to embrace manhood as how the Scripture describes it. I taught two sessions with the men. Session one was on the blueprint of manhood and the 2nd session I went more practical teaching them the five things a man should build.



One of the things we need to embrace as men is the concept of Imago Dei – we mirror God as men. Genesis talks about God creating man in His own image and likeness. Our goal as men is to be Christ-like. The way I become a servant king, a warrior who will protect and honor women, a discipler and a sanctifying friend is to have a vibrant relationship with Jesus.

With the leadership team of the church. Excited for the new things God is going to do as men embrace their role as leaders!


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