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Honored to be Nominated as the Most Influential Author of the Year

This week I was surprised to be tagged by friends who told me I was nominated. Nominated for what?

The thickest eyebrows of the year?

The Chinito of the year award?

A group called Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy, nominated me as one of the most influential author of the year for my book Rich for Life: Secrets of Those Who Stayed Rich for Life and How You Can be One, that has become a consistent best seller in Amazon Kindle and is on its 3rd printing.

The book was conceived because of our group, Premier Thought Leaders, had a desire to educate our country men on how to handle their finances and make it grow. When I published the book, I never thought it would spread and help thousands of people in their financial freedom journey.

I do hope you can visit the website and join in voting the people who has helped you in your financial journey. Click on the link to vote: CLICK HERE


Here are some of the things people say about the book:

“If you are looking for solutions and ways to become rich, not just for a season but for the long haul, this is the book that you don’t want to miss.”

– Chinkee Tan, Wealth and Life Coach.

“There is a big difference between getting rich and being rich. Rich for Life is a book everyone needs to read because we should all be truly rich. Dennis Sy gives us a counter-cultural view of what being rich is. We do not only need to change our mindset, we also need to have a change of heart. Read this book and know that we are truly rich.”

– Randell Tiongson, best-selling author and Registered Financial PlannerĀ 

“The normal way of life is to chase money and riches like there’s no tomorrow. However, Rich for life bucks the trend and teaches us a new and different way of looking at money. This book is life changing and a ,ust read for everyone.”

– Marvin Germo, Stock Smarts

“Our world can really be all about money therefore many times life can boil down to money. Interestingly this is a book that talks about money yet it is not about money. Read on and you will discover that life is so much more than money while you work on getting more.”

– Bishop Juray Mora, Victory Philippines