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The Giving Kind of Leadership

The greatest strategy for business success and personal fulfillment is not based upon getting all you can. Instead it is centered upon giving all you can. – Jeremie Kubicek

Leadership_3DBest232Welcome to the new kind of leadership. It is not centered on position, power but rather on generosity, giving and wanting the people you lead succeed with the purest of intention. My friend Chinkee Tan would always say, “Help build other people’s dream first, then build yours.” And I have literally seen this work with people who actually practice the principle of giving rather than getting.

Leadership boils down to influence. Is your leadership style influencing others to follow or is it scaring others to follow you? Do they buy in to the vision and direction you want your organization, your church, your work, (and for married people and engaged couples) – your marriage is going?

Leadership is not just positional. It should be influential. It is highly relational. You can’t love the work and not the people you work with if you want to achieve personal success and fulfillment.

Thoughts and ideas came from the book I am currently reading, Leadership is Dead: How Influence is Reviving It [Hardcover] [2011] (Author) Jeremie Kubicek