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My Thoughts on the #MAYPAC fight

10672198_10204456034347007_4189985877858916028_nAfter more than a decade of not being able to watch a Pacquiao fight because of my pastoral duties in the past – I had a rare opportunity to watch the PPV of the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight today which was billed as the fight of the century.

After 12 rounds of running – I mean boxing, it was a disappointed to see a fight where no fight really happened.

There were a lot of sentiments – from boxing legends, fighters and fans how boring the fight was. When a fighter decides that the way to win is to run – you might end up with the belt but not the respect of people.

So here is the ultimate lesson for me

You can play it safe but it will not be remembered. 

Years from now – this will not be even talked about. Okay I’m trying to be nice – weeks from now, no one will even be discussing this fight. I tried to recall some highlights from the fight – but there are actually no highlights. In fact, there was not even a time I gave someone a high five during the fight because it was such a great fight!

Same in life – those who play safe in life will not make any difference in the world. I was reading the life of the disciples. They might have died in the process- but the reason the gospel spread because somebody decided not to play it safe and live dangerous lives.

Sly Stallone has this to say to Manny:

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 11.44.56 pm


Oscar De La Hoya commented on what safety does:

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 11.47.59 pm


What is sad is that Mayweather may boast about his winning record but the fight is not something he or we will talk about now or in the future.

Men – fight! Fight in life. Take risks! Don’t play it safe. Never live in your comfort zone. Learn to take steps of faith and trust God. You are called to be more. You are a man of God, a disciple-maker, a world changer!