How to Get Promoted

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How to Get Promoted


Guest blogger: Patrick Mabilog

Everyone can be a leader, but not everyone will be a leader. We all want to be promoted to higher levels in our companies or organizations. Businessmen want to get higher market share, Employees want to become managers. But how do we get promotion?  I’d like to share to you the story of one of my role models- Rodgie.

woth rodgieRodgie is one of our staff at Victory Iloilo, and he’s a faithful one. Rodgie has such a big heart and strong spirit.  He started working in the church about two years ago at a part time basis, and during that time he was using his income to send his wife to college to take up a course in Education. An amazing feat considering that Rodgie works as our utility man.

It’s funny, and sad at the same time how society don’t consider utility men, janitors, basureros and other low-paying jobs as the jobs as leadership. It even seems that as time goes by, the list of jobs for failures just grows. Now culture would even dictate how people who work as call center agents, freelancers and assistants were those that did not achieve much. But under what circumstances do we label people as leaders and as failures? Is it the level of income you earn out of it?

I believe that it goes beyond that. Matthew 20:26 says, “Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant.” Many people associate leadership with the amount of money you earn, how high you are in the corporate ladder, or how many people you supervise. But the true association of leadership is whether you serve others. Now going back to Rodgie, this guy is a leader, and a successful one.

Here are three proofs that he is truly a leader

  1. He serves his family

When Rodgie was working part time in the church as a utility man, he was saving what he could to send his wife to college. Now his wife is a public school teacher. Rodgie continues to serve the church now on a full time basis. What drive Rodgie is his heart to serve his wife, and his family as well. We’re believing God to see his parents get saved as he just brought his family to church last week.

2. He serves others.

On a regular basis, I hire Rodgie on his days off to cut grass in our backyard. One time, he brought a friend, Bingi, of his who was hearing impaired and asked if he could split the work, and split the income with Bingi because he needed the money. I was so moved by Rodgie’s heart to help his friend that I decided to pay them both double.

3. He serves God.

Rodgie is more than just the utility of the church. He is a leader as well. He has undergone the discipleship process, and is now bringing other people to the Lord. His work, he admits, is his service to God.  I’m pretty sure he can get paid way more than what we pay him, but he chooses to serve in the church because he wants to honor God. The world may measure leadership in different ways, but God looks at success in only one way- whether you are a servant. At the end of the day, when you want to serve others, people will want to follow you, and God will promote you.