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The Importance of Margins

If there is one thing a lot of men need to understand about life is the concept of MARGINS.

I was taught early on in church about the concept of margin when my kids church teacher told me the story of Joseph’s plan of saving up during the season of plenty so that he could have more than enough and even sell at a large profit in times of lack. When everybody was eating during the season of plenty, Joseph made a plan to save and create storehouses to save up and store up harvest for the famine ahead.

When famine came – everybody had none while Joseph lived in abundance. That is the principle of margin.

Because of MARGINS, businesses can create a lot of profit. Remember the law of supply and demand. If demand is high and supply is low, prices go high. Joseph had all the supply when everybody was demanding for food. Because of his business plan, Joseph was made second in command in the land of Egypt.

MARGINS can be applied in marriage. If I create margins with the opposite sex, I protect myself from adultery and lust. If I create margins from my work – it gives me time to create memories with my kids. If I create margins in my food intake, it gives me margin to live longer and healthier.

What are the margins you have set your life?

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