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Impart Purpose

I just finished the book Father Fiction by Donald Miller, and he shared some words about fatherhood or the lack of it that hit a chord in my heart.

One of my highlight was when he described how Dwight Eisenhower grew up with purpose. I think it is the job of the parents to show their kids the reason for their existence. We, as Christian men and dads, should help navigate our kids on the purpose of their life.

Here is the exact quote from the book:

Dwight Eisenhower said his mother and father made an assumption that set the course of his life – that the world could be fixed of its problems if every child understood the necessity of their existence. Eisenhower’s parents assumed if their children weren’t alive, their family couldn’t function. – Donald Miller, Father Fiction¬†p.47

This was just powerful. So during one of our family devotions, we asked the kids the reason they exist. It wasn’t a long talk and we were actually glad how our daughters answered the question:

Me: A and M, what is your purpose for living?

A: To Honor God and Make Disciples! (which is the cry of our local church, Victory)

I am glad to know that even our kids understood that our lives are so intertwined with the purpose of our church. Thammie and I decided even before I became a pastor that we exist to honor God and make disciples. This is our family’s rally cry and this is the reason we do what we do.


I pray that as we continue to remind this to our kids and live out our purpose they will find the path of their purpose clearer and clearer every single day.