Author: Randell Tiongson

Taking Manhood Back

How to Retire Rich

Retirement is something a lot of people are really looking forward to. When we were young, we had a lot of time and had little money. During our working years, we had money but had little time. During retirement, we are excited because we finally have money and time and the same time, well for…
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Making lots of money and still going broke

You’ve heard about how many celebrities have made tons of money. Celebrities makes millions in a single year and you can just imagine the fortune they have amassed after a few years in the limelight. Huge contracts, endorsements, movie deals… and the list goes on! We don’t need to know how much money they make,…
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Finance Talk in Hong Kong

If you are an OFW based in Hong Kong, please attend the financial literacy forum being sponsored by Smart Pinoy and the Philippine Consulate of H.K. on August 4, 2013. For inquiries, please send an e-mail to

How the Older Men View Debt

Have you noticed that the older generation was not as comfortable with debt as the newer generation? I remember how my late Grandmother would always frown upon any kind of debt. My late mother who was the finance manager of my Dad’s business would always be so deliberate in reducing the company obligations and would…
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Ang Tamang Pag-gastos

Early this year, I was given an opportunity to share on personal finance to OFWs in Hong Kong through Smart & PLDT’s free publication called Smart Pinoy. I wish to share my first (and hopefully not last) attempt in writing a ‘tag-lish’ article. This is probably an article that I had to write with most…
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Starting the Year Right

It’s 2013 and another year has passed us. Like many, we now resort to writing our New Year’s resolutions, our faith goals or New Year objectives and that’s a great thing. It is always a good idea to start the year knowing what your objectives and depending on what those goals are, it should help…
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Are you a Real Man?

Today’s perception on what a real man is so obscure because of culture and media. When you talk about a real man, one would think of a typical half naked and unbelievably buffed model you see in EDSA billboards (are they really men to start with, me thinks). To others, the picture of a real…
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What I Need to Teach my Children

Fatherhood is the hardest job there is, and yet it is one that is most fulfilling. I became a father at a rather early age, my first child came when I was only 24. My eldest is nearly an adult now and will be turning 21 soon and on her last school year at the…
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It’s all in the mind; it’s all in the heart

Posting the column I wrote for the January-February issue of Moneysense. ——————- I am writing this column at the very last day of 2011, truly a blessed year for me and my family. I probably gave the most number of seminars, talks, lectures, TV & Radio appearances, counselling, blogs, columns and articles for 2011. Somehow…
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Investment 101 by Randell Tiongson

Personal Note: Since it is every man’s responsibility to provide for his family, I think it is high time we educate ourselves including me about investments. And if there is one website that I highly recommend is that of Randell Tiongson. Simple but with a local touch for Filipinos. Here is his blog on investments…
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