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Drawing Lines

Many years ago, my good friend Erickson always tolerated my SELF-PITY PARTIES—He would listen to me pour out my negativity and insensitively smoke one cigarette after the other(unknowingly staining his NON-SMOKING room with burnt tobacco scent) until ONE NIGHT… He walked out. I was internally surprised. I didn’t expect him to leave. I expected him […]

Sell Out

I found this today while skimming a book my wife was reading:) Though I have, many times, abandoned morals to “fit in”, may this excerpt inspire all of us in our struggle and temptation to lower the standard to be widely “accepted” and “commercial”:) Words of Walt Disney: I am personally thankful for my parents […]

Family Crossroads

Somebody called the other day at 2am. He was on the “family crossroads”– either he COMFORTABLY BUT UNHAPPILY STAYS with the family biz or… he MOVES OUT to find his heart. I told him: 1. “DO YOU HAVE THE GUTS TO LEAVE?” Because many who knew they should have left DIDN’T. 2. “IF YES, LEAVE […]