Taking Manhood Back

Enlisting Fathers

Saw this video on facebook and brought chills and tears in my heart. We have the same problem worldwide – fatherlessness. Watch and enjoy this video

Love Advice from A Couple Married for 38 Years: How to Fight Right

Before Valentine’s we got to sit with Boni and Estela De Jesus and asked them some questions about marriage, money and couples fighitng. Enjoy the video!

Why Do Men Cheat?

Here is our 2nd episode in our Act Like a Man Youtube Channel. In this episode, relationship coach Jeff Eliscupidez sits down with me to discuss why men cheat?

What to Do with your Boyfriend Who Has No Plans of Marrying You Yet?

Our First Facebook Live with Thammie. It was such a fun impromptu experience. It was all unplanned but it was fun!

The Relaunch of Act Like a Man

Hi men, we are back in circulation after a long hiatus last year. I will be launching two videos a month to help guide and coach you towards manhood. In a world that is confused on how men should act – we have produced whiners, boys who can shave, and men who have abdicated their…
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MEN-toring Podcast: Parenting episode with Ariel Marquez

I interviewed Pastor Ariel, senior pastor of Victory Alabang, whom I considered as one of my mentors when it comes to marriage and raising a family. Hope you enjoy this interview because I thoroughly enjoyed interviewing Pastor Ariel and had a ton of notes after the interview.

The Sin of Passivity

  The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. – Edmund Burk That night when I heard that quote from Edmund Burke, I made a decision to live a life that would make a difference in the lives of others. I got down on my knees and…
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Men Raise Boys

Reading through Kevin Leman’s book “A Chickens Guide to Talking Turkey with your Kids about Sex. Leman said in the book, “how you live your life is the most powerful sex education lesson your child will ever receive.” A classic example is Milwaukee Bucks coach Jason Kidd. Kidd is known for his savvy passes and…
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A Common Myth about Productivity

I learned this lesson the hard way. Thanks to my wife Thammie for pointing this out. You see I love to work. Work fuels me. New ideas excite me. Big goals get me going. With that being a reality in my life, I set to do many things that I thought I can do. Publish…
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Imago Dei… Missio Dei

Imago Dei… Theologians have coined this term because Scripture teaches us that God created man in His own image and likeness. This is such a profound truth that deserves full attention because who we are, what we do, how we live would hinge towards an understanding of how God created us. When we miss this…
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