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Now for our free friday. I am once again giving out 2 books that would help jumpstart your BODY and HEALTH for life!!! I am giving away the book BODY FOR LIFE by BILL PHILIPS. Mention the name Bill Phillips to any of the people he’s helped transform and you will see their faces light […]

Productive Pinoy ka Ba???

For the month of November I felt like going local on my book readings so I got a hold of four books written by local Filipino authors. One of the books that impressed me so much that I learned a lot and laughing at the same time was YENG REMULLA’s PRODUCTIVE PINOY: Time Managament, Money […]

Hell Yeah or No

Reading through Derk Siver’s book Anything You Want and here is a gem every man must take home as a lesson. “IF YOU’RE NOT SAYING “HELL YEAH!” about something, say “no.” If you plan on doing something less than a WOW! that would be amazing! Absolutely! Hell Yeah! – then say no. When you say […]

Free Book Giveaway

I am giving away 3 free books from my personal library to whoever’s blog gets published on my site. Topic would be on “HOW A MAN WAS ABLE TO DEFINE YOUR LIFE POSITIVELY”. It could be a memorable moment with your dad, uncle, husband or son. I will be choosing 3 winners for this entry. […]

Win a free Seth Godin Book

It’s time again to give away some free books. This time the book is by Seth Godin, my favorite author and blogger. His book Survival is not Enough has helped me in so many ways so i just want to share the blessings. When I saw the book years ago, I bought a lot of […]