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Imago Dei… Missio Dei

Imago Dei… Theologians have coined this term because Scripture teaches us that God created man in His own image and likeness. This is such a profound truth that deserves full attention because who we are, what we do, how we live would hinge towards an understanding of how God created us. When we miss this […]


When you have nothing, everything is possible! I heard somebody said before that we need to focus on where are moving to , not from where we are moving from! We sometimes get stuck on our present situation that we lose hope of what the future holds. We have seen great men come from nothing […]

Discover Why

Let me share this powerful quote that makes me want to get up every morning!     Are you living out God’s given dream for you? Are you living out the dangerous, great adventure God has for your life. The day you were born, God has already ordained a dream for you to fulfill. Do […]

The Jabbok Encounter

Do you know what Jabbok is? I hope after reading this blog, Jabbok will have a more profound meaning in your faith walk. The Jabbok is a tributary of the Jordan (a tributary is a stream that drains water into a river). It’s Hebrew name is derived either from the root meaning “to drain or empty itself ” or from a […]


Just like a “Panyo” (handkerchief) that can wipe one’s tears, the Panyo in my song is a metaphor of someone who was there for me figuratively wiping my tears during my lowest times. Looking back in my twenty(20) years of singing and writing songs, I can say that it’s truly a blessing to get into […]