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Taking Manhood Back

The Big Deal when it comes to our finances…

Here is my preaching on our series BIG DEAL. I tackled how we have missed the real meaning and state of blessing that affects how we handle our personal finance. Enjoy and hope it changes your financial outlook and life! Also, for a limited time offer, I am offering my book Rich for Life at…
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New Heart

Ezekiel. 36:26 I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. When a man follows Jesus, it is the result of a change of heart. I don’t decide to change my heart, I am…
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Is your House Hold Battle Ready?

Genesis 14:8, 14-16 (ESV) 8 Then the king of Sodom, the king of Gomorrah, the king of Admah, the king of Zeboiim, and the king of Bela (that is, Zoar) went out, and they joined battle in the Valley of Siddim 14 When Abram heard that his kinsman had been taken captive, he led forth his trained men,…
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Do What is Right

Just watched the Equalizer starring Denzel Washington last week with my wife. It’s been a long time that I haven’t seen an action film without any sexual scenes so it was refreshing to watch this movie ( though some scenes could have been less violent).  The film highlights the problem with human trafficking and the…
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Biblical Manhood: Trust and Obey

The first important thing we need to understand is that a man needs to have a healthy fear of the Lord. This is the only way he can lead, protect, and provide. To be a man of authority, we have to be a man under authority: the authority of Christ. Once we get this, we…
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Tell the World You are Brand New

Here is an inspiring music video by Lecrae. Enjoy it!

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Men are Warriors

Thank you JM Nuella for the picture and design. For those asking how to buy Act Like a Man, click here. My book will be officially out next month in all bookstores.

Manly Maxim #4: Whose Glory?

Let me go straight to maxim #4: Manly men live to the glory of God. A man cannot fulfil his purpose if he is living for applause, approval, and affirmation in this world. it simply will not come – not enough, certainly, to answer the needs of his soul. A man is meant to carry…
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