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Taking Manhood Back


Okay, if there was one restaurant last year that I have frequented – it’s D’ ORIGINAL MAKIHAUS. Let me share to you why I keep coming back. Reason #1: The HOT SHRIMP SALAD. When you order this, what you get is a lot of shrimp!!! Haay, favorite ko talaga ang shrimp and to have a…
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Operation Trim Down

My friend and DJ Tom Arellano has been encouraging me big time with his documentation of his operation TRIM DOWN. He is now on his 6th day of exercise and healthy eating. I am on my 4th day of exercise and a little bit of eating healthier. I was supposedly not exercise today since my…
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Eye of the Tiger

After a month of no exercise because of the crazy schedule I am back in exercise mode. Last year, my brother Charles, also a blogger, had a challenge to lose some of our precious pounds. Charles lost a whopping 40 pounds while I lost 10 pounds. I am still on a journey to lose 30…
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Old Man Running

I ran today after a long time. I had to run. There was no excuse. I woke up early, the weather wass fine, I miss my running shoes, my little brother is getting thinner and I have to lose 2 more pounds this coming week as my goal. I felt it was a great run…
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The Man and His Health

Kuya Kevin here.  You may know me from my blog about relationship and purity issues (  But today I’d like to talk about a different topic; one that I’m also passionate about.  Let’s talk about fitness: the man and his body. We men are naturally physical beings.  This is truth becomes apparent as soon as…
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Man and His Health: Stop Being Tired

Classic video of Jack Lalanne on being healthy and strong!!!

I lost 12 llbs in 3 weeks

Since January 1, I have decided to take the challenge of living a healthier lifestyle. It was born out of a conviction from God that I really need to be strong if I want to last long in the ministry and the job I am in. My journey to weight loss and healthy living has…
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2011 Weight Goal

I will be starting a challenge this January 1. One of the thing that I have been fighting is my weight problem. I have blogged, about this, exercised, go to the gym but to no avail because admittedly I succumb to the temptation of food but for 2011 by God’s grace and strength… it will…
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101 Hawker House

Time again for some food review. We went to 101 Hawker House last night to taste test this new restaurant near Makati Medical Center. We were with our food buddies: Larry, yet, Rich, Steph, Thammie, Tin, Raymond and Charles. 101 Hawker house is Singaporean street food inspired. Here are some of the delicious, affordable foods…
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