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Contentment means not only saying, “Enough,” but also saying, “Well done.” It is the ability to rest in the knowledge that our participation and production in this life have been good. Contentment comes from the person, not the circumstances or possessions. It is about who we are as men rather than what we have collected. […]

Assume the Best

Here is a life maxim that has helped me when there are lies, gossips and bad done to people or to me. Always assume the best. Our natural tendency when someone does something to us is to assume the worst. When somebody did something that didn’t seem right, we tend to judge the motive negatively […]

Dangerous Breed

Playing it safe won’t get you anywhere. I’m not talking about bungee jumping. Some can bungee jump but can’t even court a girl. I’m talking about the heart of what it means to be dangerous. Some are so financially safe and can’t even move in generosity. When God tells you to move in generosity there […]